The latest X's only have 3 cleats on each side of the boat. The outhaul cleat is/should be on the underside of the boom. This has been standard agreed configuration for over a year now.
The outhaul controlline goes around the pulley on the inboard boom fitting, through 'clamcleat junior attached about 20cm back along the underside of the boom and and then through a plastic ring that hangs below theboom another 20cm further on. It is then tied off on the kicker. This allows you to adjust the outhaul form each side of the boom easily without the complication of the pre-exisitng systems. A number of earlier boats have also adopted this approach.
I suggest that you refer the matter to Topper as I know your boat is new. Perhaps Andy Large could help you in Brightlingsea as he's now the association 'link man' direct to White's/Topper and I'm sure will be willing to help on this and any other 'after sales' issue. I hope this is an isolated problem. Perhaps Andy could comment in due course. Cheers - Mike '720' (27 Dec 2005)