Mast Rake

Set with tape on halyard and measure from top of mast to underside of hull either side of the rudder post. This can be between about 7150mm and 7050mm. I'd start in the middle at 7m and 10cm. If you have a rope adjuster on the forestay mark it in some way to give you a reference point.
Website suggests 7050 to 7150 as useful starting point. You are free to do whatever you want at the moment - so experiment. It will always be a compromise even if you have a forestay adjuster (as you cannot optimise shrouds and lowers at the same time for both 'forward' and 'back') I'm of the view that there are several 'styles' in which to sail the boat to good effect and also that you can have just too much rake as well as too little.
If you are lighter you might need to consider more rake, if heavier a little less. Also what wind conditions are you sailing in? You have to consider 'you' as one of the key factors and develop your own settings. There are very few of those magic 'universal' settings in practice unfortunately (they don't often exist in any class !)
With our very adjustable stayed rig you have the capability of setting the boat up to more exactly suit your weight and sailing style than with say an unstayed rig.
In summary - get on the water as much as possible and try some boat on boat trails and changing the settings - and then let us all know what works (and how heavy you are!!) Mike Lyons