Control system


To answer a few queries about control system alterations ...... You can addjust about anything to enhance or modify the way a system works so a'high-low' adjuster should be fine.

And if the strut is for you and you prefer it - again that's great. There is more than one way to set up the boat and the rules are worded specifically to allow 'personalisation' without allowing you to go mad with a drill etc.


to my mind there are no standard precise 'settings for all eventualities' to pass on - we have seen very different rig tensions etc work in similar conditions and everybody has their theories and preferences.
The only key one is 'rake' - all are advised to set up rake in the range 7050mm to 7100mm - measured from the top of the mast to the underside of the hull one side or other of the rudder post.
Rig tension should be 'sloppy' (ie barely register on any gauge) and you should set the lowers up to have 40mm (or thereabouts) lateral movement possible at the mid-point with the sail OFF the mast.
After that it's all largely down to how you sail and like the sail to be set up. I (81kg) do tend to have the spreaders on minimum length and fairly 'forward' - but this is just to allow the sail to project forward more when dead running. I've seen people carefully noting the settings of 'fast' boats to transfer to their own.
Beyond the limited number of settings given here there is little point as the biggest changes, on the whole of the rig, are caused by mainsheet adjustment and kicker which can be constantly adjusted.
It is perhaps worth also looking at the sail - does it hook ?
if it does when close hauled then you need to do something about it.

You may have too much kicker for the conditions and if still there try a bit of cunningham - regardless of wind strength - until it looks right.
Do you really sail your boat 'flat' when needed ? Are you too far forward or back in the boat ? I'm convinced that most problems can be solved by altering the way the boat is sailed rather than concentrating on 'static' set-up changes. (So Steve C. has a job for life !) We do need to run additional association training as well .....
I'm sure we can continue this at the Burghfield meeting in April (as in the last 2 years) and organise a special session on June 2nd (the day before the Nationals at Brightlingsea) for those who want to come along a day earlier.
Cheers - Mike L. '720'
Control lines - Anything goes but adapt what is there so that they work. As issued they barely work at all so have a look at the boats of others and steal any good idea that means these lines do their job. Yes its a fiddle and you will be buying more elastic and possibly a few more micro blocks - but it is worth it.