Question: Any advice on how long a length of vectran is needed as loops around pulleys can be deceptive!
Answer: No not really, but the good thing about 'hollow' rope like vectran is you can rig everything up and finalise it by trial and error. If you have a 'fid' its easy to splice and the job can look very professional. You could also benefit from the 'extra' 8cm frankly (this was the rivet point along the boom for the webbing strop in case you were wondering) and set up a double cascade before the standard 4 to 1 control line setup - see new website instructions.
Paul Hemsley - 'powerup' Well you may find that on the sea with 'constant' you do not have a speed problem anyway. Otherwise I cannot add anything to what's already been said. Slack seems to work for me but not too slack - can't define it easily but I run with about 704cm rake which is 3 less than early this season when I was a bit slower, but I also have less rig tension as well since the inlands.
Whenever we are underpowered it's also so easy to oversheet the Blaze, it feels right of course but it's slower. Equally it's too easy to stick the bow down TOO hard in light winds on the reaches and runs, optimum is just for the hull at the stern to clear 50% of the time. Maybe best to get the new boat first .....
Cheers - Mike Lyons