Slot gasket


We have some pre-cut and shaped strips that we can sell via Cirrus (But not on website) intended for new boats. The secret is to very carefully clean off the old stuff (use acetone if available) and put a THIN layer of evostick on both surfaces and wait until they really appear to be dry. Only then put in contact. The parcel tape idea is a very good one and I use it myself. It's well worth doing indoors if you can, particularly at this time of year.
Cut it down the middle BEFORE you put on the boat and hold it all together with a bit of tape (I use masking tape) until all glued in position. Remove when all is completed. This ensures both sides match very accurately.
Lastly - leave it as long as possible before the plate is put down. Impact stuff can work well in only a few minutes but a couple of days is better. And when not using make SURE the plate is held above the slot sealer on the cleated control lines. If it rests for any length of time on the sealer when not used you really are tempting fate!!!
Good luck and have fun. Mike Lyons

...Slot sealers - awful job but well worth doing as the result is a worthwhile speed improvement for low cost. Patiance and planning - I cut the slot before fitting but tape it back together with masking tape to place/glue on the boat - much easier that way