Boom fitting for outhaul

Question: Is this additional fitting allowed under the class rules? As the outboard cleats are then used for the adjustable forestay an extra control has been added to the boat.
Answer: As Paul has said it's OK. It would not be an additional control as we already had the outhaul control system - and the recently ADDED the option of controlling the forestay. PT is right to point out that you cannot drill additional holes in the hull and therefore would probabaly want to reuse the set of 'outhaul' ones made redundant if you put a cleat underneath the boom to look after the outhaul adjustment.
Good luck with forestay adjustment - tried one myself but can get the same (desirable) effect by adjusting other existing controls so off it came!
I like to keep things as simple as possible. Think adjustable lowers are more likely to be beneficial anyway and more certain in effect but it's not legal to adjust them during racing (yet!) I'm going to propose the idea at this years AGM - "EITHER adjustable forestay OR lowers but not both"
Cheers - Mike Lyons