Blaze Mk II mast step

Its an interesting subject as looking through the topper stock recently acquired it appears that they cut a standard superspars mast track down to a smaller length. I've seen several screws broken in recent years and it is probably because of the leverage over the shorter base.
In my own case on 720 I've used the next screw size up and applied the right sort of 'setting' mastic under it - result NO movement and intact screws. Roger Williams has a tube of the stuff (I scrounged some! ) and he might be able to say what it is - he got it off Dave Evans - now a 300 sailor but Dave is a salesman who sells the blessed stuff. (Dave will you return now I / Rondar can supply you with a new boat - you said you would if anybody else eventually made the boat :-).....well that's what you swore !) If you are out there perhaps you can advise us anyway.
The other thing we at Cirrus are looking at is to provide an angled wedge to place under the foot given the almost standard rake settings now used. It makes things much much more secure !! The front is 6mmm higher than the back and the mast looks much happier. Once proven we will be offering them via the cirrus website.
Gelcoat - Topper 'deck grey' is what you need - I'm waiting for a moderate quantity currently and will soon be able to supply small quantities by post (BUT you need to buy your own hardner from the local chandler as it's 'banned' from the post !
Cirrus default deck colour will be an anti dazzle off white.
Mike Lyons