Mainsheet blocks

Question: I currently have the small mainsheet blocks as supplied on the Blaze Mk II, but was planning to change to larger ones. Can anyone recommend the best type to get ? Ken
Answer: Any of the 40mm ball based ones by Ronstan, Holt, Harken etc offer a massive improvement. The latest Mk II's should finally have them as standard from now I'm assured (Ronstan presumably) as the old 'mini' Holt ones were about as much use as a chocolate teapot - wasting a good proportion of mainsheet effort. I prefer Harken myself - a little more expensive but they don't burn out - I've used to get through a set of Ronstan's every season for some reason - (Anyone from Ronstan out there like to comment perhaps ? - very good elsewhere but less good on the mainsheet)
The Harken 'carbo' ones are really good and readily available. No experience of the later Holt ones but they look good as well. (Rooster do Harken ones on webbing as well if you need that element as well). You will be really surprised how much less effort is required to sheet the sail under load with good 40mm blocks when fitted.
Regards - Mike L. '720'


Any good quality 38mm or 40mm ball race block will do - Harken or Wichard are the best but you can also consider Ronstan or Holt. Best attached on webbing loops around the boom as the early aluminium booms do not have a good attachment system and in extreme conditions the boom can break.