Converting fixed Spreaders...

Blaze Spreader Conversion (From fixed to swinging)ec19017d5a

By National Champion Andy Hewitt.

Pictures in order from top to bottom:

1. Shade area to cut out

2. Cut & File clean

3. Spreaders in swept Forward position for Downwind

4. Spreaders swept Back for Upwind.



Here we go...f9435d8273

1. Remove the spreaders from the mast and shrouds. Keep all nuts and bolts etc, you will still need these later...

2. Remove the material as demonstrated in pics 1 and 2. A Hacksaw will remove the most and a file will tidy up, you will need the help of a vice to do this.

3. Replace the spreader, this time placing the inboard bolt in its most aft hole position. On my boat (760) I had the outboard bolt in the aft position as in pics 3 and 4 but this is down to personal choice, the spreader will swing no matter which way you do it.

You should now be able to swing the spreader with the amount of swing being limited by the 'finger' you left on the spreader, which will catch on the inboard bolt.

Very simple and very effective.

Happy Swinging!!!



Andy H


And here is the disclaimer from the Committee...

If the modification is made to a mast currently under warranty (i.e. less than 1 year old), the modification will invalidate that warranty.

If owners want to buy a new replacement swinging spreader bracket, they may purchase the 'official' Super Spars spreader bracket direct from Superspars or any associated retailer.