Replacing a damaged Slot gasket

Question: Anyone replaced their slot gasket recently. Mine has a rip in it. I think 'thixofix' is the recommended adhesive. Not sure about the material though? Northampton sailboats have the traditional sail material that you stick down both sides and but together (or overlap) while rooster has the 75 mm strip that you stick on and cut a slit down the middle. Which is best and how can you get a straight cut down the slot, does it leave a wobbly frayed area and do you have to take the centre board out. Any advice appreciated!

Cheers, david pye (670)

Answer: I did mine using the75mm strip and then cut it as straight as possible with a sharp scalpel and steady hand! A bit of a wobbly uneven result but it hasn't slowed me down too much! If I were to do it again I would try putting the cut in first, taping it back together firmly (black pvc tape both sides), glueing it on then pull off the tape once the glue has set. I think its a fiddly job whatever you do!
Cheers Ralph 667

 Answer: I tried the option of using two overlapping strips, and it never seemed to work as well as the single 75mm strip with a slot cut in it. However, from memory the first Blazes were fitted with 2 half strips (37.5mm wide) which overlapped ... which is why the moulding in the boat is slightly narrower than needed to fit a full 75mm strip without cutting. Like all gluing, the main trick is to get the surface of the boat as clean as possible before you start to fit the strip. You don't need to remove the plate to fit the strip - just turn the boat on it's side. I've never tried Ralph's idea of pre-cutting the slit, but it may be hard to get the position right. If you only cut a slit long enough to allow the plate through, you will find that it quickly tears (cos the plate is wider than the slit). I cut a hole (approx 1cm diameter) at the leading edge of the slit to stop it spreading. Also a Vee at the trailing end of the slit (with the point of the Vee forward, and each leg about 1.5-2cm long), which allows the slit to open up as the plate drops.
Best regards, Derek Russell (605)

Answer: I did mine on the old Mk 1boat. The 75mm strip is the one and I but its not sail material. I used a long metal ruler to cut along AFTER glueing on and it didnt fray !!! Centre board was OK left in but that was MK1, dont know if its sligtly different on MK2.