Convert your old Trampoline to the new style

I converted my old style trampolines to new style ones with a very effective, budget method.

If you lay the old style ones out, you have three sets of eyelet holes, one at either end, at one in between, but towards one end. I shortened the trampolines by cutting off this short end, next to the webbing the eyelets are set in.
I then drilled holes in the gunnel, two holes, about 15mm apart aligned with each eyelet. Having set the racks to the width I sail on, I then threaded the original thin rope out and back through each eyelet, got a reasonable tension on the rope, and tied off the end (by noting where the knot needed to be, and moving the rack back in to give some room to tie the knot.)

I have this adjusted so when I pull the racks out, I tension the trampolines then put the rear rack pin in.

I have had no problems with the holes in the gunnel or any chafing. I filled the original holes with gel coat (an interesting exercise as you need to get gravity working on your side - which means standing the hull on edge! I did this in summer on the grass as being kindest to the hull - I'd recommend just covering the holes with insulation tape until its warm and dry enough to work with gel coat outside)

I much prefer the new layout, you get an extra bit of hull to sit on, and you get rid of those aluminium strips which always seemed to attack me.

I did consider buying new trampolines, but this method is virtually free. Also be aware that new trampolines as supplied for the new, parallel tube, racks, are longer than the original ones, so even if you bought new ones, you'd have to cut them to make them fit.


David Angwin, Blaze 613, Burghfield SC