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TOPIC: Carbon Masts

Re: Carbon Masts 6 years 5 months ago #276

  • Dave_777
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Guys as a solution to the cost of changing from Alloy to Carbon

Maybe Cirrus could consider a cost reduction supply to current owners to help with change to carbon masts. for a limited period only

Blaze alloy mast £600. carbon £1200

say as an Idea

Mk 3 boats offer carbon masts at same price as alloy masts
Mk 2 boats offer carbon masts at 2/3 of full price £900
Mk 1 boats offer carbon masts at a discount say £1050

Or something along these lines

Dave 777
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Re: Carbon Masts 6 years 5 months ago #277

  • Cirrus
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The carbon mast issue is a 2-edged sword. I seriously doubt that anyone having tried would not prefer one and if they are produced with the correct stiffness then the current weight demographic would be preserved. However that technical review and report is for the AGM later this year. The key, as you imply, has always been cost .... there are many ways tro proceed IF it makes overall sense but please lets not cross any bridges or make any assumptions until after the AGM. It may make a lot of sense not to change for the time being .... equally doing so might attract another raft of potential Blaze owners that we are currently missing.

For the record and over the last decade or so the following classes have allowed carbon alongside pre-exisitng Alloy - Phantom, OK, Finn, Contender, National 12, International 14, Merlin Rocket, Thames A rater, and (even!) the British Moth and there are several established classes also reviewing carbon as we are now. I'm sure to have missed out a couple !

It is quite possible now that Devoti may distribute Blaze (alongside manufacture and distribution of Icon) in the medium term. They are only likely to take on the boat for mainland Europe with a carbon mast option - but we do not have to follow here but I would like to see some sort of long term policy to facilitate class convergence if we do not allow for the UK this time round.

I know there is concern within the class and I would be very surpriosed if there were not. However most of you know my track record on upgrading and re-jigging the boat from way back - we have always taken great pains to avoid any change adopted being detrimental to the class as a whole or to individual existing owners. Please understand all we are curreently doing is reviewing potential mast options - just as has been done several times in the past.

Cheers - Mike L. (Cirrus)
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Re: Carbon Masts 6 years 5 months ago #278

Personally I agree with Mike that, without economic issues, we would all swap without consideration, but unfortunately that is not the case.
On the idea that Dave brought up, why should there be a price difference for different types of boat? Yes, the new boats may have been more expensive to buy, but even so, the MK1 sailors are generally going to be the most cash-strapped.
If anything, it should be the same price for all boats, whether there is a reduction or not. That is of course,even if it was to be accepted, which is far from decided yet.

Ben 595
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Re: Carbon Masts 6 years 5 months ago #283

  • Bert1
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Personaly I will Never be able to understand why a turkey would vote for christmas.
However if the masts were to be weighted to be the same as an alloy mast with the same stiffness & gust reponse to stop the older boats being made uncompetive I then fail to see the point.
summary if made from carbon BUT not to have an advantage then why do it?
So with that in mind there must be an advantage to be had for your £1200 & that makes the MK 1`s uncompetive & unviable in monary terms.

Do you want to do that?

You could always have a seperate PY for Halo, blaze ally, Blase carbon but we all know how that worked out for the RS 100 10.2 & 8.4 PY differance.
586 / halo 586
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