Details of the orignal Blaze experimental rig

The standard and experimental rigs side by side

Special thanks to our Technical Officer Mike Lyons and our friends at Sobstad Sails for there help in the design of the experimental rig

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The Prototype Rig

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Thanks to Bob Smales for the pics of Mike Lyons in action at Burghfield on 7th December 2000 in light wind conditions. The new sail is shown here without the jib


Further Pics of the new sail from Peter Barlow.

Apart from Mike Lyons in Red there is Rob White from White formula in the striped jacket and Jeremy Robinson from Sobstad

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These further two pics below from Peter are the Mk 2 Sail


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Up for the first time Sun 28 Jan 2001, conditions were light. The differences are the Window in the sail and a slightly fuller shape. The new cut is slightly bigger at 10.1 m