Fit the new Superspars kicker tang

I've just got one and know how to fit it. It should take the strain but I'm    not convinced that it won't bend and slightly distort the immediate rear basewall of the mast tube, given the position of the fixing holes relative to the bend in the fitting and direction of pull from the kicker.

Cost is about £5.    It is simply a heavy duty 7cm long stainless steel 'mechano' strip, pre-bent about 30 degrees at one end with 4 holes, one in the bent end to take a shackle and 3 in the flat bit to fix it to the mast plug.    This is how I've been told to fit it by Superspars ( I might have got it    wrong so do it at your own risk):

Drill out the 3 rivets and take off the mast plug. Slip the strip, bent end    facing upward, into the inside face of the plug as you reinsert it in the mast. This will show you just how much of a mast tube slot you have to file away so that the strip sits in it without standing proud.

Take it out again and file mast tube end. Then take strip, place it in loose plug towards the front and drill out the plug to match the 2 outer holes on the flat bit of the strip (ensuring that you dont foul the plug mast step on the underside).

Do not use the existing drainhole in the plug.  Put 2 bolts through and    secure before re-inserting plug in mast and re-riveting.

Note that the bent tab should point upwards as it comes out the mast ( the appropriate surface is painted to prevent electrolytic corrosion) and take care the shackle pin is removed when re-riveting.  
It is all, as car manuals used to say when you got to the hard bit, self-explanatory!   

Regards Roger

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