2019 National Championships


The date for the 2019 Nationals has been changed. Please update your diaries...

Brixham Yacht Club will be the location for our 2019 Championships on 7th to 9th June. 

We will return to Paignton SC in 2020


Blaze Inland Championships October 6th and 7th 2018 at King George Sailing Club

The Inland Championships are on their way at King George Sailing Club. To whet your whistle, here is the Notice of race (SIs and other info to follow).

There is now a list of those who're interested in attending.

If you'd like to add your name to the list, click here.... 


Warsash Blaze Open 7th and 8th June 2018 - race report

The race report for this year's Warsash Blaze Open can be found under Events, Results and reports here.

This, and reports from other Blaze, Fire and Halo racing, are located under 'Events', 'Results and reports' in the menus above.


Traveller series 2018

The 2018 traveller series includes four events - POSH, the Nationals, Warsash and the Inlands. We're half way through and the results so far can be found here.....


Blaze Nationals 2018 - Results and reports

The results from the Nationals can now be found here, with reports by our new National Champion and a member of the race team on the website here.


Blaze training 2018 - photos and videos

For all those who attended the recent sail training at Burghfield SC last month (and those who couldn't make it this time), Paul at the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre has sent a link to the photos and videos that were taken on the day.

They can be found on Dropbox at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sh2bi4blq4cs300/AABg4B0u7ebLkszckUH2J2K0a?dl=0

Enjoy :-)



The East Coast Championship

The Notice of Race for each event will be published a month in advance and will appear in the list below  


Worth a check....

When you are packing your boat, ready for POSH or the Nationals, have a quick look at your shroud terminals. A Burghfield boat suffered a broken carbon mast today, following failure of a shroud.

Below is a picture of the remaining shroud, looking as though it's also on borrowed time.....

Carbon mast shroud


AGM Final Agenda

The Annual General Meeting of The Blaze Class Association will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at Warsash Sailing Club (postponed from 8th October 2016)


Minutes of previous meeting (http/blaze-sailing.org)

Chairman's Report

Secretary/Treasurers Report

Event Co-ordinator's Report

Election of Committee

Any other business - Open discussion on future sailing programme


Joint Open Meetings with Fire and Halo

The Class Association would like to make everyone aware of how the multiple class open meeting will work. There will be a separate start for the Blazes and a combined start for the Halo and Fire. We would like to be as inclusive as possible but need to ensure that rig swapping is not used to distort the results. So it has been proposed that which ever class you cross the startling line for your first race of an open meeting will be the one that is used for your results. If you subsequently change rigs you will be allowed to race but your results will not be counted for your second rig. Whilst this may not make all of you happy it does allow people to sail rather than sit on the shore when conditions change.